Project Management Consulting

AND behalf Investor deployment and administration building projects from the stage as soon as possible (start designing) until completed and put into use. Rough Achieve:

– Construction progress and financial expenditure for optimum project.

– Methods for managing, monitoring and administering the professional field.

– Review the current status of the implementation of the project and is aware of these procedures

project management to plan and control projects;

– Assessment of changes related to design, construction, procurement of materials, equipment, labor safety, sanitation and prevention of fire, explosion, running tests collection and delivery of the works, operational training: proposals for Investors of measures to ensure the changes do not affect the safety, quality and progress project implementation;

– Preparation of bidding documents, consulting contractor selection;

– Check, operating schedule and quality performance of contracts by contractors in accordance with the signed contract;

– Review and examine the documentation of the contractor, the consultant under a contract signed with the investor;

– Monitor and administer all click here contractors performing schedule established by other contractors and

calibration, reset the progress of the project (if necessary) in accordance with the overall progress and milestone has been approved;

– Monitor, assess and report on the progress of the degree of completion of the contractors. Handling

when there are delays and authentication measures to complete on schedule commitments with


– Monitor and administer the contractor perform the work in accordance with the mold and the critical period of the project;

– Review and examine measures to organize the construction, quality plan of the contractor;

– Managing risk related to the project;

– Preparation, testing, operating plans and the conditions to conduct experiments, testing regulations, commissioning, acceptance to match the overall progress;

– Inspect, supervise, supervise the preparation and implementation of measures to ensure work safety, environmental sanitation and the prevention of fire and explosion of the contractor;

– Inform the investor about the adequacy of the work prior to acceptance test.