Construction Supervisor Consultants

To ensure good quality for a building, in addition to choosing to be a unit of good architectural design, a good construction unit, the next it can’t no mention of the role and importance of the supervising consultant. Thus, the role the construction supervision consultants are:

– Ensuring the construction and installation work is done properly design documents.

– Detecting and handling the details of works that the contractor and the investor is not clear.

– Support Investors, contractors designed to handle errors in the field.

The scope of the supervision consultant will include:

– Monitoring the quality of construction.

– Checking the construction methods and safety.

– Monitoring progress of the work.

– Monitoring and quality testing of construction materials.

– Check and confirm workload.

– Acceptance of construction works as prescribed.

– Confirm the completed work drawings.

There are many design consultants registered practicing more field supervision consultants next to click here the investors. And the laws also have provisions: To be admitted to practice supervision consultants, design consultants, in addition to the capacity requirements for the design, the drawing up projects must also have the capacity to supervise the works.

The engineers in the design consultants wishing to practice supervision consultants must have a university degree or higher in line with industry practice field for registration and was directly involved in the design, construction supervision consultants or at least 3 years, professional training through the construction supervision.

The quality of a building depends on the consultant monitoring. Is to have good capacity, work ethics, the quality and vice versa. Therefore, to return a supervision consultant is not a simple thing. Criteria for supervision consultancy of AND is working with integrity and high professional responsibility. These are core values ​​of hospitality the quality of construction works.

Not only monitor the correct design and construction standards, monitoring consultant AND supports investors and contractors in counseling matters the most appropriate solutions to address problems at the site. AND always uphold the integrity and accountability in the process for the issue of the construction site.